An American Society of Addiction Medicine Program

ASAM Level 1 Class

An American Society of Addiction Medicine Program

ASAM Level 1 Class

Court Approved ASAM

ASAM Level 1 Class

An American Society of Addiction Medicine Program

The Diversion Center offers ASAM Level 1 treatment at all of our locations. We do our best to offer you options that work with your schedule so you can continue with your everyday lives. ASAM Level 1 is commonly recommended for those charged with DUI or other drug-related offenses. Our program is guaranteed to be accepted nationally.

For more information about the ASAM continuum of care, see below.

ASAM  Court Approvd

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Tuesday 11am-2pm

Tuesday 7pm-10pm

Saturday 1pm-4pm


Wednesday 7pm-10pm

Saturday 9am-12pm


Saturday 9am-12pm


ASAM Level 1 | An American Society of Addiction Medicine Program

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has developed a continuum of levels of care for addiction, alcohol and substance abuse. This chart can be found below.

ASAM 0.5 – treatment, AKA Early Intervention, is the most basic level of ASAM care, and as such, it takes on different names, program length, and program types at different facilities. At the Diversion Center, our ASAM 0.5 program is also known as Alcohol and Drug Awareness. Our Alcohol and Drug Awareness program is 4 hours long, and we offer it at a variety of days and times to work with your schedule. Click Here for more information about Alcohol and Drug Awareness classes at the Diversion Center.

ASAM 1.0 – The Diversion Center offers ASAM Level 1 weekly, at the times shown above. This class should be attended 1-2 times per week (based on recommendation). For ASAM, we use a curriculum developed in-house which uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing models to improve our clients outlook on life, expand their horizons, and prevent recidivism. Classes are held in a pleasant, non-judgmental environment that allows you to address issues and share your experiences.  Our objective is to provide you with an informative class that will keep you engaged and not bored out of your mind. Counselors that are interested in implementing our curricula at their facility should contact Cindy Han at [email protected]

ASAM 2.1+ – The Diversion Center does not currently offer ASAM services above Level 1. If you have been recommended ASAM 2.1 or higher, you can use the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities website to find a certified ASAM 2.1 or higher provider in the state of Georgia. Click Here to be directed to the page. Select “Treatment Providers,” and search by ASAM Level (ASAM Level 2 and Above).

Our company policies regarding classes are as follows:

  • All classes have a strict 10-minute grace period. Students that arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted, no exceptions.
  • We do not accept partial payments for any services. Please arrive on time with cash payment in full.
  • Our attendance policy varies according to the number of classes you are required to complete. Please ask how many you can miss when you begin, so you do not risk missing too many.
  • All services, other than scheduled classes, are by appointment only.
  • No children allowed.
Reflecting a continuum of care

To find out more information about the ASAM criteria